Monday, March 07, 2005

Staking Our Place in The L.A. Mayor's Race

Tiny plug in today's campaign rundown at L.A. Observed.

Shameless self-promotion? A little. But the site is still the best location I've found for the meta-view on tomorrow's electoral activities.

(Observed does point back to Hertzberg's Change For LA clip list - which we've landed on a few times now. Don't know how much of that is auto-generated or handpicked - but we'll take 'em however we get 'em)

Also: L.A. Observed points to a rundown of election night shindigs, none of which, according to the linked LAT article will take place in downtown LA. Observed, though, counters that Bernard Parks will celebrate at the Biltmore.

The others: all decidely west and Valley-centric. And, though I still wholly support his candidacy, it'd be nice if Jimmy hung out at, say, the Dalmatian American Club, or similar Pedro party space. Hello! We're still part of the city? Anyone? Anyone? And, though I need to check the zip code on this, it'd be nice if Villaraigosa's party were in his district since he's itching to skip out on his peeps as soon as possible.

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