Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Phoblog's Turn As Guestblogger

No, not on this site - over at blogging.la, the O.G. Metroblog and sister site to Metroblogging San Francisco.

I've been a fan of blogging.la for quite awhile - which is what led me to the SF gig.

Of course, I keep crossing jurisdictional boundaries, which hinders my blogging for either of the sites - like tonight I ventured into Metroblogging Orange County turf. There's no San Diego metblog either. But I've got plenty to say about my fair L.A. So check it out when you get a chance. And if you're without a spring break and want to travel at your desk, check out with the goings-on in cities like Bangkok, Istanbul (not Constantinople, so if you have a site in Constantinople, she'll be blogging in Istanbul), Dallas, Vienna, New York, and over 20 others.

We got the whole world in our blogs.

[Ed.'s Note: A sincere apology for the They Might Be Giants reference. Phoblog endeavors to keep the hardcore nerding to politics, but sometimes, the nerd force is just too great . . . .]

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