Monday, March 21, 2005

Phoblog Sports Report: Juice It Up!

Or don't!

Either way - keep it out of Congress, and stop making it seem like investigating it is more important that investigating Iraqi policy, the failure to find WMD, Bush's questionable appointments, etc. Argh.

So much bellyaching over homerun wunderplayers McGwire and Bonds. Puh-lease. Those two benefited from expansion teams diluting the pool of strong pitchers, plus the MLB's need to have something to nab fans' attention after the players strike.

And in case you were wondering about our highly juiced Governor's take on the steroids issue, George Skelton might have some answers for you.

In valid sports news: The Mountaineers clearcut Wake Forest this weekend - winning 111 to 105 in double OT (thanks to Opps for pointing out I missed the game entirely. If it means they keep winning, I'll keep not watching). West Virginia faces Texas Tech (boo Texas!) later this week.

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