Wednesday, March 09, 2005

LA Election Results: Fogged In

Phoblog's Dad - and the LA Times - report that heavy Valley fog has grounded the helicopters usually used to fly ballots in for counting.

What's interesting, however, is that Hertzberg's campaign attorney has been in contact with the city clerk's office, concerned, apparently, that city employees are driving boxes in without independent supervisors present.

The clerk's office says it's neutral and unclear as to what the campaign's concern is.

It is a bit funny if you think about it. How wise is it to attack the integrity of the people you're hoping are soon to be your employees? I don't know if these particular employees are at-will or civil service. I'm guessing it's the latter. In which case, it doesn't matter who wins, they'll keep their jobs.

Perhaps Bob is laying the groundwork for any legal challenge that might keep him in the game, or at least get him some useful sympathy for his next run, since as of this writing, he's in 3d place, slowly slipping further back from Villaraigosa and Hahn.

But it's early - and if late votes really are all Valley votes, then let us not count unhatched chickens . . . .

Side note: The LAT is running a headline predicting Villaraigosa wil come in first, based on exit polls. I'm wondering how many fellow '04 campaign alums see the words "exit polls" and want badly to run screaming from the room.

By the way - for election returns, click here.

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