Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Few Simple Truths On 'Direct Democracy' In CA

The Bee's Peter Schrag gets it right on initiatives:

If Hiram Johnson and the California Progressives who wrote the initiative, referendum and recall into the state constitution had ever been suspected of planning anything as goofy as this, they would have been run out of Sacramento on a rail. This is the initiative process on steroids.

None of these measures originated with "the people" in whose name Arnold Schwarzenegger has been Hummering around. Few would qualify, much less pass, without the big bucks that deep-pockets interest groups pony up.
[Emphasis added, of course]

This is the one of the best columns I've read yet on Arnold's tactics and the danger of turning a once-populist tool into a sham instrument for bullying representative democracy. Read it via the above link, or the text will be in the comments section below.

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