Thursday, February 17, 2005

S&W 18/19

"Progress is being made."

C'mon, Mr. President, it seems so much less forceful in the passive voice, doesn't it?

Waking up for an 8:40 class is hard enough without waking up to a Presidential press conference - especially when one's time and computer constraints prevent adequate blogging. But he's in rare form today: circular, ignorantly optimistic, arrogant, and with that delightful hint of you-stupid-reporters-and-the stupid-non-believers-you-represent-head-shaking-ness.

"The international community was convinced that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction - not just the United States."

Right. Who was making the case, though?

So we have a Director of National Intelligence now. He'll have to coordinate 15 agencies. I feel safer already. Don't you? Though I didn't catch the whole press conference, the Charles Gibson expressed surprise after the event that only 2 questions focused on what the new Director would do - how he'd actually function. Details, details.

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