Friday, February 04, 2005

Shelley resigns as secretary of state

Well, I'll be . . . . .

Shelley resigns as secretary of state

Despite his not getting the deal he wanted: basically immunity and a golden parachute [trying to contain snide remark as he is technically on my team], he called it quits today.

He's a Hastings Alum, too. Good thing my school hasn't seemed to ever care a bit about touting its accomplished alumni.

While the end of any political career is a sad thing - at least for the career's owner - Kevin Shelley wasn't a nice man. Worse, he wasn't a nice boss. One key to restoring respect (yes, that implies it was there to begin with) to elected offices is for those elected to adhere to the Golden Rule and act like the democratically elected representatives they are - not like dictators or generally angry, rude people.

His career might have ended the same way regardless - but more people would miss him had he been a touch nicer along the way.

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