Monday, February 14, 2005

Salient Point, from A Much Larger Story

I'm the first to admit I've been dropping a lot of news balls lately - I blame continuing computer issues, travel, and a particularly ugly crush of classwork - but in catching up on a media/blogs/procedure/shady Reep stuff story, I came across this closer to a article on the outing of fake reporter "Jeff Gannon:"

"All of which begs the question, 'Who are they issuing credentials to?' asks Hudson at the Niagara Falls Reporter. 'Could a guy from [Comedy Central's] 'The Daily Show' get press credentials from this White House?'"
Well, call the point I'm about to make dictum, but yes, TDS guys can and should get press credentials. They're honest about their organization. They don't outright lie about things - comic hyperbole nothwithstanding. They manage to ask hard questions under the cover of being just a trivial show. Some of Washington's biggest hitters are guests because they know the audience is listening (and getting up in the morning to head off to some very important jobs).

Comedy brings us truth, bitter yet nutritious. This Gannon guy? He's not funny.

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