Friday, February 11, 2005

Raisin More Good Points

[Ed.'s note: Phoblographer* offers a sincere apology for the above pun. But, get it? He's from Fresno! Like Raisins! Nevermind. Please keep reading.]

One more for good measure - on a potentially good measure - this time from Republican State Senator Chuck Poochigian:

Many believe the goal of reforming our state's redistricting process is to make elections fairer, or to skew elections toward one political party or another. The primary goal of redistricting should be to ensure that the voters have effective representation. Efficient government starts with citizens having a clear understanding of who represents them. Voters should choose their representatives; politicians should not choose their constituents.
Because I'm completely Claremont-biased, I'd like to attribute part of the Senator's savvy to his chief of staff, Deborah Gonzalez, a fellow Athena and the winner of the first Legislative Staffer of the Year Award from our friends at ATC. The practical, deliberative CMC-ness is palpable, isn't it?

I'm going to have to break out this redistricting debate and then break it down to explain the procedure, the problems, and the proposals for change.

It's a travel weekend, but stay tuned . . . . new developments on their way . . . .

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