Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pedro, Lights, and Phoblog's Dad in the News Again

Via L.A. Observed (and my Mom): the lights on the bridge are, in fact, two slightly different shades. They were made by two different local companies. The further away you are, the less you can tell one's slightly more tourquoise than the other.

Journo-watch bonus from the Daily Breeze piece on the color difference - a quotation from light maker LEDtronic's marketing manager that starts "Between you and me." Not so much, apparently.

The correct spin on this, by the way, is that the lights on the bridge reflect the variation of color in the water it spans. It's art people - stick with it.

(Oh, and though I didn't carry the story when it happened - the night after the lighting, the lights didn't come on. Whoopsie. Not a huge crisis - Caltrans just had to fix the wiring. They came on the night after, and every night since. You can imagine, however, the number of phone calls my Dad received that night . . .

And a quick gripe - natch: The Breeze article on the Monday night folly quotes a Rancho Palos Verdes resident's thinking that it was "the curse of Pedro. . . . They get it for one night and then all their hopes are dashed." What are we the Sox? What curse? Also - I'm not sure when my Dad became a college teacher, but close enough. Lastly, the article - and several others, makes reference to the Coastal Commission's dusk-to-midnight restriction to "protect migratory birds." There are no migratory birds. There might be someday, so that warrants the restriction. In the middle of a port. A big, working port. With plenty of cranes and work areas. Well lit cranes and work areas. Birds. Puh-lease. I'm sure OSHA prefers our longshore workers don't use night-vision goggles, so if there were birds - which there aren't - they'd already be out of luck.)

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