Sunday, February 20, 2005

Oppo Gone Wrong

Hiring scandals in Maryland will be a nice Sunday read for what happens when GOP Governors take power after 36 years. Being a sometime oppo research guy myself, I recognize the professional motivations. I like to think that I, as opposed to these schmucks, would keep it to the campaigns. Governing is a more sacrosanct piece of life for me.

For those link-phobic readers, several oppos hacks from Bob Ehrlich's campaigns and days in the Gingrich House are now $75K salaried employees in places like the Public Service Commission, the MD Insurance Agency, and Maryland Transit and Port Administrations. In each case, there are shadowy firings of mid-level career bureaucrats in at-will (though not policy-setting) positions.

One in particular was also the man charged with making sure legislative analysts (me, actually) did not receive timely or sufficient information to analyze the policy and cost implications of energy bills.


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