Sunday, February 06, 2005

Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

Okay, we don't have sponsors - but the Superbowl does!

First off, I'd like to thank not only for providing my our domain name at a low price, but for having one of the best commercialsshown during the game.

Though the Janet Jackson, uh, flap from last year ruined a few spots (who didn't want to see Mickey Rooney's bare bottom?) it probably helped up the quality of most ads - the New York Times agrees - by forcing them above the lowest common denominator. Highlights: P. Diddy's pimped out Pepsi mobile, FedEx's Top 10 (which, you'll note from the rest of the ads, was pretty damn accurate), Budweiser's ark of Clydesdale wannabes, and McDonald's Lincoln fry spots. Questionable: Degree's "Mama's Boy" (those dolls were dirty!) and - as the NYT also pointed out - what exactly was in the casserole Charlie Tuna ate?

For his sake, let's hope it was Soylent Green.

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