Saturday, February 26, 2005

Marines Fret Falluja Effect

The Few, The Proud, the, uh, Few:

Recruiters and other military officials say the "Falluja effect" - a steady drumbeat of military casualties from Iraq, punctuated by graphic televised images of urban combat - is searing an image into the public eye that Marine officers say is difficult to overcome.
Ya think?

"What the recruiters are telling us is that they have to spend more time with the parents," General Hagee said. "Parents have influence, and rightly so, on the decision these young men and young women are going to make. They're saying, 'It's not maybe a bad idea to join the Marine Corps, but why don't you consider it a year from now, or two years from now; let's think about this.'
Well, my mom doesn't even like me driving from here to L.A. - I'm guessing her protection instinct might kick in a bit stronger if I were going to - say - a war zone.

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