Thursday, February 10, 2005

Legislators v. Lysistrata

This story's making the rounds, of course, since it's fluffy and makes it easy to take pot-shots at electeds: the VA House wants to implement a fine for lousy fashion. As a reservist in the Fashion Police Special Forces, I say, fabulous, fine away.

No, not really. It shouldn't be a law, of course, but it would be nice if this trend would just die already.

I doubt this will pass - like most introduced legislation, let us not forget - but it's sure easier to cover and explain than that tricky social security and budget legislation, isn't it?

Why the greek comedy reference? Well, when is Aristophanes inapplicable, really? I blame women for this trend's longevity. Anytime a high school girl wants to date a cool guy with pants cinched at his knees, we're just perpetuating the problem. So, young ladies, stop letting them dress like fools.

Oh, but there's a race card here too - one opponent called the proposal an attack on young blacks. The article notes both the vocal opponent and the bill's sponsor are Democrats - and black.

This "fashion statement" comes from boys of all races and ethnicities that I've seen. Frankly, at least the boys have boxers covering the area between their waists and their actual pants. At the risk of busting an old fogey (blame my inner camp counselor), the sight of 15 year old girls with visible pelvises is far more distrubing.

So there - there's a post on the silly VA House of Delegates. Who really aren't that silly. The system will take care of this bill - it won't pass - the republic shall survive.

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