Thursday, February 17, 2005

Handing Over The Keys

We'd like to give a warm welcome to Phoblog's newest guest blogger, Dan Tompkins. Dan's agreed to watch things while the Vaio is in the shop and the Vaio's owner weeps in its absence. Dan comes to us well qualified - a veteran of the Maryland Legislature (he's a budget wonk, kids) and healthcare consulting as well as many Demo campaigns. The quick and dirty, in his words:

Grew up in WV, got out (to CT, NY, MD, DC), got smart (CT & NY schoolin'), got back (WV Victory Research Director), got beat (see: President Bush, Term II), getting back again (see: fingers, crossed).
Says Dan, "I want to be the uber-wonk."

We think he's on his way.

While Dan's in charge, Phoblog will meander a bit from its charter commitment to California policy, we’ll still catch the national stuff – through non-Californian eyes. Should be a fun change of pace.

A note on content: The views Dan expresses may or may not reflect my personal views – we differed on our DNC ponies (I won! I won!), but we met working for the Kerry campaign in West Virginia. I vouch for his upstanding guy-ness and policy debate is encouraged. Just remember, if you need to shoot a messenger, aim for the right one.

Thanks for your patience, your readership, and staying with us through these technical difficulties and format experiements!

And now to Dan . . . .

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