Wednesday, February 23, 2005

From the 'Make The Bastard Deny It' File

Hertzberg is hellbent on Hahn swearing off going negative, he's issuing strongly worded ultimatum, as L.A. Observed reports:

It is clear that I will become your next target. And I'm ready for it, no complaints and no excuses. Let me be clear: I understand that criticism is a necessary part of the political process. And if you don't think that I should be mayor of Los Angeles, you're certainly entitled to deliver that message to the voters. But I hope you'd have the courage to first deliver that same message to me in person....
So, call me crazy, but does it seem like Hertzberg may use Hahn's refusal to swear he won't go negative, NOT his actually going negative, to go negative on Hahn? Maybe if I had all the direct mail in front of me this would make more sense . . . but from here, this seems like Hertzberg's campaign tactics have become the equivalent of repeatedly asking Hahn if he's stopped beating his wife yet.

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