Monday, February 07, 2005

Everything But the Coffee Cart

My good friends at, along with Political Pulse, have a new daily chat sheet called The Roundup. If I haven't said so already - you should subscribe.

It's informative, has good links, and is just cheeky enough to capture Capitol snark without risking anyone's day jobs.

Phoblog's Roundup pick of the day: a New York Times article on redistricting reform efforts across the country (to which we'll be returning shortly).

Also of note, from ATC, Paul Koretz joins the ranks of blogging legislators with his Blogger mobile aptly titled The Paul Koretz Blog. I've stayed away from other members' blogs, primarily based on my prejudged belief that they'll be less than candid - though if I'm wrong, let me know. We'll also be watching for the time when the FPPC and various ethics oversight bodies turn their attention to officals' blogs from some reason they have yet to invent. It'll happen, don't worry . . . .

[And today's technology report: The Vaio is working-ish these days. Aside from the inability to turn it off with the guarantee it will reboot in a timely manner, it's working slightly better today. We're still far from out of the woods - and a full system restore is on the weekend schedule (the horror). In the meantime, we're just happy to be back on a more reliable posting schedule.]

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