Thursday, February 10, 2005

'DOA' DIstricts

The new President Pro Tempore of the State Senate said proposal's to reform redistricting would be 'DOA'.


I'll again emphasize that any proposed reform would be wise to avoid the uberhotbutton provision for redrawing the lines prior to the schedule decennial mapping. But if Schwarzenegger drops that, I'd have a much harder time siding with my party in their reluctance. Okay, I already disagree with most of their counterpoints to the good points in favor of redistricting reform. (This is one of those examples of a Phoblog Career Frogger post.)

We have to do something here - or the next step will surely be - the horror - the part time legislature. They're gonna getcha guys - so maybe it's time to step up and get serious about the reforms that make sense - otherwise, they'll have an easy time selling the ones that don't.

By the way, it's interesting that Perata's up in arms over redistricting reform AND questioning Sacred Cow - I mean - Proposition 98. Wish he'd mix it up on the redistricting issue too. I can't overemphasize how fundamental the policy is to every single other policy decision made by every branch of state government. What else determines what's decided more directly than who's deciding?

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