Friday, February 18, 2005

Common Cause and Arnold - Bloggy Style

Great blog diary over on MyDD about the announcement that Common Cause is working with the Governor on redistricting reform. As I understand the particulars from 30,000 feet:

(1) Gov proposed reform that creates redistricting commission to take the process out of the hands of the legislature;
(2) Congressional GOPers are not happy because they believe this will make it harder for GOP electeds in CA;
(3) Common Cause signed on to support the reform;
(4) liberals and progressives everywhere spontaneously combusted;
(5) Common Cause and allies have responded.

Here is the meat of response from the CC perspective:

"The name Common Cause isn't just a cute throwback to a long extinct political concept. Common Cause means finding the political reforms that make the system work for everyone - i.e. how democracy is supposed to work. If Arnold is willing to pursue the initiative on the table and work with Common Cause on seeing it enacted, then there is common cause between us and there is no reason not to benefit from support from the executive of the world's 7th largest economy in pursuing a very necessary reform."

1) Arnold is only proposing this initiative. It must still be adopted to ballot by the legislature. CA's Dems are not going to sign off on anything that will give all the power to the governor.

2) CC is no idealistic amateur when it comes to negotiating political reforms with entrenched, sneaky, doublefaced politicians - of any political stripe. CC has succesfully been navigating the treacheries of D.C. for decades and knows how the game is played.

3) No plan is going to make the world perfect. The point is to always move forward in a productive way.

4) This plan is not at all what happened in Texas. TX legislators decided to violate their state's constitution and redraw their districts again within the set period. Those districts were drawn by legislators. This plan is trying to fix that exact problem. Go read the proposal.

The diary linked above is the CC response, and it's a good one. I'll be reading more about this through the linked articles in the diary, but don't want to reinvent the blog here.

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