Saturday, February 26, 2005

Campaign Things That Bug, Vol. 154809

From L.A. Observed:

Bob Hertzberg's suggestion to break up the L.A. Unified School District is more of an idea than a plan, since even the candidate admits there won't be any specifics unless he's elected and appoints a task force to look into it. Nonetheless, today at 3:30 in Santa Monica, Hertzberg is meeting with Gov. Schwarzenegger to "discuss the plan." From the press summons:

The meeting is closed to reporters. Cameras will have access to the meeting for still photographs and file footage/b-roll. Following the meeting, Hertzberg will be available for questions and comment outside of the building.
Oh and remember, the Gov says he isn't endorsing anybody in the race. Hertzberg today also cancelled a press screening of his new TV commercial.
Funny, I don't think the fine print on his commercials or web ads say "Nah, can't really break up LAUSD, but I'll look into it." Most voters, of course, love, love, LOVE the creation of task forces to solve problems. They're usually so effective. Makes me think back to countless conventions in which down-ballot statewide candidates aver their support of a woman's right to choose and increased education spending, labor support, etc. All very important things, but last time I checked, the State Controller or Treasurer just isn't tasked with those duites - cut the checks, balance the books!

I don't fault Hertzberg for latching onto a very powerful LA meme for change. But I will fault the switched bait result, should he prevail in the fall.

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