Saturday, February 26, 2005

Breath of Air in Film Ratings Miasma

The body responsible for assigning those oh-so-helpful letter ratings to films tried to give a war documentary an R. For it's violence? No, because of soldiers' salty language.

Feel free to pause and shake your heads in dismay.

As the film's director says, when a mortar round hits your compound, "golly gee" probably isn't what leaps to mind.

Ever-outdated Jack Valenti claimed a success for the system since the film won it's challenge and had the rating lowered to PG-13. He gave the old line about the system being about parents making informed decisions and not about censorship.

Hint to parents: if the film is a documentary featured real life soldiers in a real life war, figure it out.

At least in this case, the country was allowed to continue its pro-violence tradition. Bare a breast or utter the F word, no luck. Blow some sh*t up on screen, drech things in blood, eh, you'll probably be okay.

As a moviegoer, Los Angeleno, and former 17 year old, the ratings process offends me deeply.

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