Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yeah, Well I Heard He Was a . . . . Nevermind

CNN Will Cancel 'Crossfire' and Cut Ties to Commentator:

There are outlets for the kind of show Tucker wants to do and CNN isn't going to be one of them," he said.

Mr. Klein said he wanted to move CNN away from what he called "head-butting debate shows," which have become the staple of much of all-news television in the prime-time hours, especially at the top-rated Fox News Channel.

"CNN is a different animal," Mr. Klein said. "We report the news. Fox talks about the news. They're very good at what they do and we're very good at what we do."

Mr. Klein specifically cited the criticism that the comedian Jon Stewart leveled at"Crossfire" when he was a guest on the program during the presidential campaign. Mr. Stewart said that ranting partisan political shows on cable were "hurting America."

Mr. Klein said last night, "I agree wholeheartedly with Jon Stewart's overall premise." He said he believed that especially after the terror attacks on 9/11, viewers are interested in information, not opinion.
Guess that also explains CNN's recent - and quite clever - commercials featuring CNN bigshots like Wolf, Anderson, and Paula offering helpful news to particular consumers, one with the talking head saying, "I'm a reporter, that's what I do."

I also heard that CNN's ratings are back up due to their tsunami coverage. Guess they are America's most trusted source for news. FNC is just funner for less important, local goings-on. Like selecting presidents and stuff.

At least we'll always have this. Somewhere, I hope Jon Stewart is puffing on a cigar, doing a Mr. Burns "exxxxcccellent."

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