Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Week Ahead

This day had to come.

On Thursday, after a semester away (well, if you count the Sacramento semester, a full year), I have to return to campus and resume my legal education.


In college, I ran out of time to take all the classes I thought sounded interesting. In law school, however, I got nuthin' but time, it seems. Budget cuts are rough - fewer classes offered at fewer times by fewer faculty. There's not even an election law class this spring. C'mon guys, that's the only type I know! There are a few highlights, though - foremost among them - Securities Regulation. No, really. I loved Corporations - largely because of the professor (for Hastings students reading this - it was Lambert, and yes, I really did love the class). Also, a class called Sexuality and the Law and hopefully, if the waitlist gods are good to me (long shot), some practical courses in negotiation and arbitration - skills I wish I'd had last summer.

I tend to shy from navel-gazing posts, which this surely is, but posting has been light lately due to my imminent departure - there are visits and errands and the like. I do have some substantive posts coming, but I can't guarantee it'll be soon (though I seem to say that just before posting a ton at one time. whatevs).

Tuesday will be a driving day, Wednesday and Thursday will be administrative days - buying books, watching waitlists, actually attending classes - and along the way, I'll post what I can. And then I'll finally be back in SF so I can get back to posting over here, too. And, of course, I'm most excited about starting another summer job search! Yeah, shoulda done that already, right? I know, I know . . .

Look out world: Phoblog, Law Student, returns . . . .

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