Sunday, January 23, 2005

Technical Difficulties. Or: How the Vaio Broke My Heart

So all last week in classes I proudly displayed my pretty lil'Vaio that had so little time in class last semester.

Then it went haywire.

So posting will come when it comes . . .

Update: After 2+ of messing around, installing service packs, updating graphic drivers, and general tinkering, I fell asleep last night confident that the Vaio would turn on and run fine this morning.

It didn't.

So I can take it in for servicing, wait and deliver it into the capable hands of family and/or friends, or continue my current service plan of chanting pleading incantations over the thing while choking back the blinding rage that only other bloggers and net addicts blocked from net access can truly appreciate.

Does this mean I'll actually have to buy a newspaper? That newsprint is so icky.

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