Monday, January 03, 2005

Sports Rant of the Day

Team Name to Be 'Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim'


That's dumb. Personally, I've always been more of a "California Angels" fan than an "Anaheim Angels" fan. Lawsuits are already flying over this name - Anaheim will be mad they've been downgraded and the City of Los Angeles has problems with it as well. No team name should be that long to begin with. And though one of the given reasons for the name change is to broaden the team's appeal - marketing to expand their appeal "throughout Southern California and elsewhere." Two problems with that: 1) Do they think people in LA or Torrance or whatever will suddenly wake up and think "wow, you know what, I used to think the Angels were too OC for me, but if they're an LA team . . . . did they move closer?" and 2) "Elsewhere?" People in other parts of California look for reasons to dislike Los Angeles, not to embrace it.

Way back when, the team had "Los Angeles" in the name. But with rampant growth - and a hit TV show - Orange County has developed its own identity. Anaheim Angels was still bothersome, but this goofy name is just geographically dishonest.

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