Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Quarter Bummed

Well, it's finally our turn - the Cali quarter comes out Monday. I should be wholly happy since we've waited so long for our turn. Yet, I'm just not lovin' it:

The article here calls the coin a compromise - chosen over overtly biased options (the Golden Gate vs. palm tress; movie cameras vs. cable cars). Of course, the whole state is bordered with beaches, so that would've worked fine. Instead, the Sierra Club, interior dwellers, and camping types can raise a toast to John Muir. It's not that John Muir isn't important. But how many outside California will know who the dude on the quarter is? Maybe they'll think he's a 49er. Other states have pretty things - magnolia flowers, trees. Or obvious things - little boy with sap buckets for Vermonters, etc. I think we went a bit too obscure. There were quarters that did compromise - the Golden Gate with a palm tree - there, done! But no, this is what we got.

That's my two bits worth.

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