Monday, January 31, 2005

Place Your Bets

No, not for the Superbowl (I'm not even sure where I stand on that one, since I worked for a Massachutten in Philadelphia) - for this week's State of the Unionm.

How many times do we think Bush will use the following words and/or phrases; or alternatively use this list as a scavenger hunt/drinking game:
  • Freedom
  • Liberty
  • Elections
  • Iraqis vote (or any iteration thereof)
  • Cast first votes
  • Freedom haters/enemies of freedom
  • Blessings
  • God's will/plan/destiny/call
  • Any phrase that with fewer than 4 word changes could be directly drawn from the Monroe Doctrine
  • Allusion to 9/11 (points for who can catch the most creative, subtle nod to the day)
  • Thinly veiled allusion to the length of time we'll need to be in Iraq ("generations")
  • Creatively spun foundation for invading Iran.
  • Carefully spun rhetoric carving out actual, nuclear armed enemies or oppressive regimes
  • We love troops
  • And - in how few words can Bush make passing reference to domestic issues?

I suppose he could surprise us and focus entirely on the homefront since he used his inaugural address to cover the rest of the world - but even if that's the case - count on him couching all discussions in "liberty, freedom, Iraq, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, first elections, Iraq, Iraq, liberty, liberty, liberty."

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