Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year, Same Song

The Governor will be calling special sessions to deal with budget woes and redistricting reform.

It's reported that he'll use his State of the State address on Wednesday to reiterate his commitment to fixing our sorry finances and to call for reforms in the way districts are drawn - which would likely change the face of California policy by changing the faces of policymakers.

Of course, he'll again threaten to go straight to the voters, should the Legislature fail to do his bidding.

Anyone believe that anymore? Or better yet, anyone still believe he'll fight against special interests? The same ones that cease to be special once he cuts deals with them? The same deals that resulted in the same kind of bad budget policy we've had for years? The article tells of the Governor's belief that the recall "was fundamentally about reforming California government and California politis and our finance system. There should not be a delay in seeking that reform."

So, what, 2004 was just a warm up, no really, he'll start blowing up those boxes this year?


As far as redistricting reform goes, regular readers (and most of my friends) know that I'm all for it. Not just any reform, of course, but if the Governor gets the language right - and if Ted Costa is kept on the bench - I'd support it. The article implies that should the system be reformed via a special election ballot this fall, new boundaries might be drawn and implemented for the 2006 season. That's HIGHLY speculative and depends entirely on the language of such an initiative. I'd be against that. Leave mid-decade antics to Texas Republicans, thanks.

The Democrats - judging by Fabian Nunez's recent editorial (looking for the link, sorry) - are taking a "no" position on this - but they would be foolish not to deliberate on this a bit more.

The Wednesday night speech (usually broadcast solely on NBC - kudos to them - and perhaps some cable or public station) should be, at the very least, entertaining.

And, anyone who cares to place a bet on the number of movie references and/or the pacing of such references is welcome to do so. For instance, at the RNC last summer, Arnold pulled a hat trick in the first 5 minutes of his speech.

Still waiting for the "Jingle All the Way" reference. C'mon, Arnie, don't disappoint me!

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