Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bag It

SF may start charging for grocery bags.


Now, the 17 cent per bag fee won't break me. But it will annoy me. I'm sure the cost of the bags is built into the markets' operating costs and the idea that charging will make people less likely to litter is a bit far-fetched.

Some voice concern that the fee would be a regressive tax on lower income shoppers. I guess that's because, what, only poor people buy food? Only poor people buy a lot of food? I suppose, yes, 17 cents would be a higher percentage of lower tax-bracketers' earnings. And higher paid folks have basically a negative birthrate - so fewer mouths to feed = fewer grocery bags . . . .

On the other hand, perhaps the fee will cause people to buy less food, helping both the environment and the rampant obesity sweeping the nation. Or it will just make people cram more into fewer bags. Causing the bags to break and creating more litter.

[Thanks to reader FS for the initial tip on this story. I posted a similar story at the Metroblogging San Francisco site.]

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