Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What Foreign Policy?


Here is an insightful take on the practical problems with incoherrent Democratic foreign policy. For what will nonprofessionals walk door-to-door if the party sells out completely to the fervored Republican policy out of fear and confused ideals?

However, God is a registered Republican, which only leaves the Devil for the Democrats if they insist on messing with religion. If it turns out that Hillary and the other professional politicians decide that it is time for the party of Jefferson to accept Jesus as its personal savior, they are going to watch a lot of the nonprofessionals who did most of the leg work drift off elsewhere. Better a Green than a born-again political Jesus freak.

Before the pros send out more of their mendicant e-mails, they might spell out for us what it is that they’re asking people to back up with their dollars and their time. They might start with what the pros messed up the worst in the last campaign—foreign policy.

Tell us: What is the foreign policy of the Democratic Party? Is it the total warhawk position of U.S. Representative Jane Harmon [sic] of California and both Senators from New York? Is it the modified warhawk, as expressed by Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader? Is it the muddy warhawk, as dimly explicated by the Massachusetts Senator? How do these statespersons arrive at their policy positions? By auction to the ethno-religious group which kicks in the most money?

Tens of thousands broke their butts in the last election without knowing the party’s foreign-policy stand because of their fear of Mr. Bush. That’s over. He got in and he’s going to do what he does, which leaves the nonprofessional volunteers to decide if they will still give of themselves to a party without a foreign policy, or perhaps one with which they strongly disagree.

If the Democratic Party is going to embrace religion to get the Jesus vote, it is going to lose such a large chunk of its base—its active base, its money-giving base, its door-knocking base—that it is not going to win more elections in the future than it has in the recent past. The party’s pros are going to learn that it is one thing to swallow Jesus at the communion rail, and quite another to do the same at the ballot box. Nor is quavering for the Lord a substitute for a foreign-policy position.

For starters on that subject, there is Iran and its putative atom bomb(s). Christians and Jews United for War are laying down the same barrage about these weapons as we got hit with in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. This time, it will be surprising if our contemplated enemies are not working on a bomb and perfecting a means of
dropping it on the heads of Iran’s foes. The Iranians seem to have the skill sets, and they certainly have motive to force their way into the nuclear club as fast as they can. They can see that if a country doesn’t have the bomb, it may get the Iraq treatment; if it does have one, it gets the North Korea treatment . . . .
And that's just the beginning. We'll be returning to this later - for now, please do read this and send your thoughts. I'm still mulling - though it's never been a secret that I'd like to see fewer hawks helming my party.

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