Saturday, December 18, 2004

Suprising Local Race News

The expected challenger to LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn (sister of Mayor Jim Hahn) fell six signatures short in qualifying for the ballot.

John Fer, a former school principal who's big gun in the upcoming race was expected to be his Vietnam P.O.W. experience (with potential surrogate campaigner John McCain - no really), said he's disappointed.

It is a tough way to lose - before you ever begin. But from my brief encounter with Mr. Fer, I don't think the residents of LA's 15th Council district are missing out. Hahn has done a great job for the area - and though, as readers know, I am rabidly protective of veterans, solely being a veteran doesn't qualify you for local office. At one breakfast, Mr. Fer made a comment about taking care of another attendees property tax rates if elected. Um, no you won't, sir. See, it's called Prop 13 . . . .

So, Merry Christmas to Councilwoman Hahn. She'll get to spend less time campaigning . . . for herself - and all her time campaigning for her brother.

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