Tuesday, December 14, 2004


This Chron article catches what made Kerik so attractive to Bush and what makes Bush so dangerous for the world:

"Kerik is a great rags-to-accomplishment story and Bush really likes that because it fits into is view of the American dream," Renshon said. "What's different about them is that Bush is pretty much a straight shooter. He's a straight-and-narrow kind of guy, and Kerik clearly is a lot less that."
It's always about the stories, isn't it? The cowboy hero from Texas, from solid, deep roots in the heartland - from a monied, priviledged, Northeastern family. The tragedy of 9/11 spun into a mythic battle of good vs. evil, transferred onto an easy, familiar enemy. The reality never matches, yet our heroism continues, ever-tilting . . . .

Alas, poor Kerik - he knew you not at all . . . .

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