Sunday, December 26, 2004

SNL as Time Capsule

Up late on Christmas night - I should be asleep, saving energy for tomorrow's economic stimulus activities . . . . but tonight's SNL repeat is an odd time capsule of the year's travels.

It was probably the one one I caught on the road - in Philly, a few days before the election. Fun With Real Audio skewered McCain for his pro-Bush words. There's Eminem performing "Mosh," and I'm simultanously watching the SNL performance in a Philadelphia Holiday Inn and huddled around a computer in the cramped, headcold infested, hive of a 4th Floor GOTV operation - feeling pumped by the baseline and the sentiment. There's Weekend Update, which provided probably my only timely info on the Osama tape (hey, I was working real, real hard, alright).

It's impossible not to wax poetic over the year's events on a night like this - and to dream about the future.

It's been a long December/and there's reason to believe/maybe this year will be better than the last . . . . or if not this year, at least 2006. And then 8 . . . .

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