Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Entertainment Report

Phoblog welcomes Joel Stein's new Los Angeles Times column. For some reason I'll never fully understand, a lot of folks hate Stein. For a brief period, he penned the last page column for Entertainment Weekly. Then he disappeared - to be replaced with rotating garbage that added nothing to the magazine.

For an example of extreme Anti-Stein ire, check out Nikke Finke's recent trashing in the LA Weekly. At one point, when harpooning something Stein said about himself, where he used the word "snot," she inserted "[sic]" which still puzzles me because, though it's a word my Mom disallowed at home, it is, in fact, recognized enough to not get sic-ed.

Stein's first column addresses the scripts behind popular reality shows. Kind of a duh, you have to figure, but with Stein, susbtance is good, but form is always spectacular. Finke takes him to task for his repeated firings and misfirings - but the fact that he's not afraid to smack the hands that feed him makes for great reading. Finke, it's clear, would never make such career-stupid moves, as she proves by slapping another "[sic]" behind Stein's quoted use of "Mike" Eisner. Stein's problem, apparently, is that he's too in-bed with his column subjects and too mean to them as well.

I think he's brilliant and I love his new linkability.

Update: Reader DS reminds us that Joel Stein's past work can be viewed at Stein's website.

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