Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Developing Story

Phoblog recently mailed several packages to servicemen overseas - one in the Navy, two in the Army. Today, one of the packages, mailed on November 16th from Mailboxes Etc type store in the DC area, was returned with a note indicating that due to heightened security concerns, mail over 16 ounces MUST be given to a retail clerk at a post office.

I try to keep this a family site - but - WTF?

I'm just beginning to research this now - and my first find was this graf:

Department of Defense asks public to help
The Department of Defense asks that the public not flood the military mail system with letters, cards, and gifts. Due to security concerns and transportation constraints, the Department cannot accept items to be mailed to " Any Servicemember ." Some people have tried to avoid this prohibition by sending large numbers of packages to an individual servicemember's address, which however well intentioned, clogs the mail and causes unnecessary delays.
Are you kidding me?

These guys and gals are putting their lives on the line and you can't figure out a way to secure the mail and get it to them. And you're worried about TOO MUCH mail? (And you can't keep the mail secure and scanned? The mail? Phoblog's dad, a decorated Vietnam Veteran, is livid and we'll be asking him for comment as well. If you have insight or information on this developing story, please email it to me directly (save the comments section for a more fully cooked post, which will come soon): christiana at phoblographer dot com (link in the side bar).

Look DOD, et al, if this is really the case - if mail is as delayed as I've heard it is, if the regs are such that no normal person can do the right thing to ensure proper receipt, if you're in the way of us supporting the troops (as you've asked repeatedly for us to do) - then Phoblog's going to do what she can to save Christmas.

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