Friday, December 10, 2004

And Never Leave the Originals in the Copier

So the reporter who helped a National Guardsman be recognized and get his question asked of Mr. Rumsfeld wrote about his efforts in an email to friends.

Said email was, naturally, promptly posted on the web.

Ethics professors at journalism schools are abuzz with commentary, of course. And it's more fodder for "liberal media bias" hunters.

I can't say for sure how I would feel about this story were the politics reversed. I'm biased myself and can't change that. However, I do find it unfortunate that the Administration will AGAIN be able to escape answering the real questions here by hiding in the fog of another favorable process story.

The party of "we'll have you know we've been called liars before!" is headed for another win.

Welcome to the new truth.

Update: Well, perhaps all is not lost - there are some hard facts behind the soldier's question - planted or not. Also - the NYT piece on the plant makes me a bit more hopeful that perhaps this won't be swept under the process rug. We'll see. (Both article pasted in comments, below.)

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