Sunday, November 07, 2004

Will Phoblog Be In A City Near You?

Seems that way . . . .

I'll be spending a few more days in the Big Apple, before heading back to DC. A well-timed bit of IMing with a campaign friend led to weekend plans taking me to Boston, Mass next Friday (because why be cold in NYC when you can be even colder in New England?). Then it's back to DC (DC friends, yes, I'm going to call all of you - or email me if you're worried - and we will be hanging out), and finally, inevitably, back to California sometime next week. It'll end up being a bit more whirlwind than the ideal, but, what the hell. Friends of Phoblog know she's not one for the unplanned anything. Consider this a brief spat of new-leaf-dom before the return to hideous law school life.

It's also been mentioned that I should likely find something productive to do over the next few weeks. Personally, I think blogging is productive, but yeah, okay, maybe something MORE productive. I'm dreading the return to school (did I mention that?) - so much so that I'm researching whether the whole degree thing is really necessary for the Bar. It is. What a load of . . . oh, sorry, this is a family site. If there are any lawyer-type readers out there with advice, shoot me an email. Also, if there's anyone out there in publishing (academia-side, I'm not a novelist), I've got a winner in my noggin' just looking for a meager advance.

There have been a few requests for more from-the-trail mix. It's coming, promise. Right now, I'm sifting through the tiny mountain of email that's piled up in just the past few wireless-free days. I'm also still processing the experience. I mainly talk about the campaign with others who were there. It's easier to start with that knowledge base than to start from scratch with anyone else. But it IS coming. Promise.

Meanwhile - I've had a request for more caption contests. Anyone have a photo? Send it or a link to it via the email link on the left. (reader MS: no, I'm not using that one you sent. Sorry, Charlie). If I can get the one of me from USA Today up here, I'll let you break the rules and caption me. Won't that be fun.

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