Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Post-Election Lameness That's Starting to Bug Even Me

I'd heard about the website on which people were posting photographic apologies to the world for the re-election of George W. Bush. Today, a friend traveling abroad emailed the link so I took a quick look.

Sure, it's funny. It's a bit of a net novelty. But then I came to this picture. Then it wasn't really funny anymore. It's a nice little graphic of what I can only assume is this tech-savvy, guitar player in San Francisco, who lists all the things he did, only to close woefully with, "I guess I didn't do enough." What did he do? Let's see, he marched in a war protest (I give some credit for that, I was anti-war as well), he gave money to Dean, then Kerry (I appreciate that, I did the same). Here's where he loses me, though: he tried to convince his Republican friend in Florida; and - oh yes, dear readers, he hung a sign in his window.

Sorry, world, indeed.

Now, the way I read it, this could go either way. As an ironic tribute to those who hung signs and mailed in $20 and felt like they'd worked really hard. But I'm guessing this is an irony-free creation. So allow me a moment of "I quit school"-itude.

But now let me step off my medium-height pony and return to constructive commentary.

Not everyone could have, or should have, ditched their normal lives to hit the trail for the Democratic nominee. In a perfect world, government - and parties - should be working for the people in such a way that enables people to not pay attention at all. Sadly, we don't live in that perfect world - and frankly, my life would be very boring if we did. But that's still the overall goal.

But the time for apologizing is over. I recall, while growing up, my mother instructing me that "sorry" was not an excuse. It was a small request for forgiveness that contained an implicit promise not to commit the offend action again. So, American apologizer, cut it out. Just make sure it doesn't happen again. Start the conversations that need to happen. Start reclaiming the country all over again. Enough with the wallowing already.

But - really - don't ever, ever, include "I hung a sign in my window" (especially if that window is in San Francisco) as proof of exertion.

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