Monday, November 29, 2004

Open Season in LA Politics! Wohoo!

Happy Holidays - the guns have been hired!

These are the same hired guns as last time," said Joel Kotkin, an urban historian and fellow at the New American Foundation. "They are gunfighters. They are people you hire to win an election by destroying other people."
And god bless us, every one!

Those helming the major campaigns are veterans of local, state, and national campaigns: Joe Trippi? Seriously? Nice going, Bob. And Trippi calls Alarcon's Richie Ross a "scorched-earth consultant but a formidable one."

The article mentions the collection of out-of-town superstars and local, LA-experienced types as a nice case study on the efficacy of each approach. We're a crazy city, but I don't think there's quite as much antipathy toward out-of-towners as exists in, say, Philadelphia. If the consultants were from San Francisco, that might be a problem - though, not as much as if this were an SF race and the gun were from LA.

Only time will tell . . . .

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