Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm Okay

I've received several worried calls from readers, friends, my mom - and several comments/emails of the "where'd she go" variety. I'm not going to off myself or anything, never you fear. But, as you could imagine, I'm a bit down. And a bit run down. So this blogger needs some maintenance time.

I'm going to run around and catch up with all my East Coast friends, skate at Rockefeller Plaza, shop - uh, window shop - in New York. Get depressed staring at the White House. Who knows, maybe even head up to Boston. Maybe I'll take myself on an American history vacation. Basically, I'm going to figure out how much money I have left, subtract return airfare, and just, kinda, be, for awhile.

But I'll get back to blogging much sooner than I get back to California, don't worry. You'll get good campaign stories soon, promise.

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