Thursday, November 18, 2004

Going, Going, Back, Back, to Cali, Cali

A general update:

To celebrate waking up in my own bed (heaven) and my first day back in San Francisco, I did some of my favorite things: Kickboxing at Golden Gate Fitness, burrito from L'Avenida (heaven in a tortilla), coffee at Reverie, and some badly needed body work at Relax Nails (I do believe I am now the blogger with the prettiest toes). Oh and I had to go up to campus. But whatever.

It's my goal to steer this blog back toward its roots and away from the diary-esque tone it's had lately (with reason, granted). I still owe some more postage on the campaign - which is coming - promise.

But for now, I direct your attention to the newly unveiled Around the Capitol upgrade. It has some nifty features: you can personalize it for bills or races you may be tracking, editorials you like to keep up with, or blogs you like to scan (and I think we all know who you need to include on that list, right?). Props to Scott Lay and the gang for continuing to provide a good round-up of California political information - all in a very user-friendly format.

Go on - check it out.

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