Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I suppose, in a way, ending this election year with a last barrage of phonebanking. It's sort of the cornerstone of campaigns and something I've been doing for a long time. It's as grassroots as you get, along with precinct walking - which makes me feel a little bit better about leaving the grassroots job I had in West Virginia for the urban wilds of Philadelphia.

In about 34 minutes, the polls close in CA, HI (is that right? that seems soon), ID, OR, and WA. I'll never know the names of everyone who pitched in today here at the Walnut Street storefront. Most of the signs are already off the walls. But a lot of people gave their all. Even with us barking orders at them. Even after we - okay I - refused them yard signs or buttons. Even after all the fights and the feudalism and the fun and the frantic activities. It's thinning out here. Hawaii has been called. Nevada is done. All that is left now is waiting. Blocking out the pundits we don't like, clinging to the life rafts offered by those with whom we agree.

My heart is very much with the Charleston gang tonight - and those in Ripely and in Mason County. They're almost certainly red tonight. But I'm hoping that we in PA, and across the country, have Kerryed the weight for the party faithful there. They are good, extremely hard working people and I miss them.

No matter what - or when - the outcome, coming here was the right decision. I'm not sure what we'll wake up to tomorrow. For that matter, depending on how this goes, who knows where I'll be tomorrow or the next day. Did I tell you I only bought a one-way ticket out here? So at the very least, it will be 7 to 14 days before I'm back in Cali. I'll likely need at least 7 of sleep.

In this bubble, I've had no sense of the national campaign. No way of knowing how the rhetoric turned, which way the nuances broke. I didn't read it, didn't watch it, couldn't blog it, and probably couldn't have blogged it well given my job. It'll be fun to try to catch up. I wish I could freeze time and do that now, before we know how it ends. But I guess that's the fun now - if there's fun at all in the waiting. We really don't know. No one does. Voters who might decide the election are still voting.

For now, I'll finish this last list of Hawaii calls, figure out where the part is. And wait.

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