Wednesday, November 24, 2004

10 Things For Which Phoblog Is Thankful

10. Not having to outline right now.
9. My dog Patches.
8. Lean Cuisine.
7. New DVD releases.
6. Still having enough idealism to believe those paychecks and reimbursements from the DNC will come.
5. The brief period of courage that allowed me to walk off to look for, and work to save, America.
4. Jack Pitney, The Rose Institute, and my Claremont McKenna College education.
3. *
2. Those spending Thanksgiving in far off deserts.
1. Posting this from home while looking forward to a day of cooking and eating with my family tomorrow.

And of course, I'm very thankful for readers. If you're thankful for anything in particular that you'd like to share, you know where to click.

Happy Thanksgiving: may your turkey be large, your stuffing, uh, stuffy, and your tryptophan coma pleasant.

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