Saturday, October 16, 2004

West Virginia Photo Album, Vol. 2

Readers who keep up with things may wonder why I'm ignoring the elephant in the electoral college today. The main reason is that I don't know enough now to tell anyone anything more than what's in the papers. But I'll know more by the end of the day. For now, here are a few more snapshots of my West Virginia adventure:

In downtown Point Pleasant, on the otherside of the flood wall, lies this riverfront walkway on the Ohio River (I think - 3 rivers converge here, the Ohio, Kanawha, and some other river that escapes me right now). Today was the first day I strolled beyond the wall to check it out. It's very cold and windy today - the morning was rained out, but as you can see, it cleared up.

The most remarkable thing happened while I was taking this photo - the air filled with what sounded like soft pipe music - not quite an organ, but more like a pan flute or soft wind instrument. It was everywhere - strange, discordant, but still enchanting. After looking around in confusion, I noticed that the green railing along the walkway had dozens of small holes at the joints and weld points. The harsh, cold wind rushing over them acted just like a flute - thus the strange, haunting music. It was both lovely and creepy (as you can tell from my horrid overuse of adverbs in this description).

Speaking of creepy:

Shriek!!!! It's the Mothman! Runnnnn! Okay, this is just an amazing Mothman-like facsimile. This is what it says below the statue:

Uh, well, it's not quite Nessie - but it's creepy. And, I'm told, has nothing to do with what High Times rates as one of the 10 best breeds (strains? types? whatever) of pot grown over in the next county.

The biggest mystery for me, however, remains: how the hell did this potato thing end up in the planter outside?

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