Wednesday, October 13, 2004

West Virginia Photo Album, Vol. 1

Charleston HQ

Signs we just love . . . my first assignment from HQ . . . .

Senator Harkin and our diehard fans, the Sheet Metal Workers

The Jackson County HQ - my office.

Our sign - Joe hates it, I think it's fun.

Inside central command . . . .

Officemate and Jackson County FO Joe Stanford.

West Virginia is all about signage - here's an introduction to Mason County, Phoblog's turf.

Veterans for Kerry at the Battledays Parade in Point Pleasant, WV

The Mason County Democrats HQ in Point Pleasant.

Who wants a 4x8?

Ahhh, another sign we love.

Dammit, if the Ninjas are voting for Kerry, why aren't you?

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cd said...

West Virginia Photo Album, Vol. 1


On : 10/13/2004 11:24:20 PM EastBayRockStar (www) said:

A sheriff named Bonecutter?? Kick ass!