Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Warning: This Registration Drive May Not Be Suitable For Children

This cycle, absolutely everyone is getting in the, uh, act and registering voters:

Yet the dancers' efforts are having trouble winning respect themselves. "We're
raising money and registering voters here," said Ms. Maker, the organizer of the event. But it is hard to get political groups to accept the support, she said,"because they don't want boobie money."
Not a surprising problem, considering most strip-club based charitable contributions are refused because people would rather deny their own habits as well as food and clothing to kids, help to battered women, etc, etc.

And yeah, of course these clubs are only registering godless, heretic Democrats, I'm sure. I'm also sure no Republican has ever been to a strip club or worked as an exotic dancer. And, of course, they should be on welfare instead of being gainfully employed. Can the Reeps resist making this another liberal travesty? Nope:

Christine Iverson, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, worked a dig into her comment. "All Americans have a right to be involved in the political process, including John Kerry's supporters in the adult entertainment industry," she said.
Clever, clever.

This article goes well with this site, if you haven't checked it out yet (may not be suitable for work surfing . . . . then again, if you work for the state and get lobbied by these guys, as I did, then I guess you could make it work).

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