Friday, October 08, 2004

Something to Support

May as well continue alienating my conservative readers (miss you, SK), by urging you to check out and support BlogPac.

Their front page statement is enough to hook me - and it should grab other bloggers and blog readers as well:

Writing a blog post is not enough. Reading a blog post is not enough. Commenting on a blog is not enough. Being educated is the first step toward political change. But the next step requires doing something. is that next step -- a group of bloggers not content to simply write words or read them, but eager to take action on the pressing issues of our day. We will not sit idly by and merely chatter as everything we care about burns. And you join us in our efforts.
On a related note: A lot of people have become big internet shoppers - and while I appreciate the ability to access pretty much any store and any product with ease - I'm a fan of the instant gratificaiton that comes from planking down plastic on a counter in a brick & mortar. What I've taken to, however, is contributing online to political campaigns and PACs. It's just so damn easy. I'm strictly small dollar (duh) - but watch the ticker at BlogPac site counting money raised for those Ohio commercials. It doesn't take that much per donor to raise some serious cash. So make it a blockbuster night and contribute that extra movie money to the effort of your choice .

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