Friday, October 29, 2004

Silver-Tongued Devil

Leave it to a Republican attorney. Here's one commenting on Democratic early-vote events that take busloads of folks to the polls in early-vote states immediately following major rallies:

William R. Scherer, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer working for the Republicans, said his party had no need for such stunts. "We don't need to bus," he said. "Most of our people have cars."
Well, then . . . .

[Ed. note: Before JG, CES, or any of my other Reep lawyer friends sent hate mail, yes, I know that this could be an example of that damn liberal media bias in the way the quotation was set up. Perhaps Scherer's tone was more, "nah, our people don't need rides, they brought cars," rather than "puhlease, our aristocracy has no need for such proletarian nonsense." but I think the latter is sooo much more fun, wouldn't you agree?]

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cd said...

Silver-Tongued Devil


On : 10/29/2004 12:58:19 PM SteveK (www) said:

I think it's really funny. And I am a Reep with no car.


On : 10/29/2004 2:15:52 PM Mark Smith (www) said:

I think its hilarious too, but for another reason. People always think Republicans are these huge fat cats with swanky homes and nice cars. You know, a lot of the wealthiest people in CA are liberal dems...we never talk about them. By the way, I'm a Republican, I made $18,900 last year.


On : 10/29/2004 3:07:05 PM Cober (www) said:

That's pretty funny. I guess I'm one of the strange Republicans who don't have a car. But I wish I had one. I take mass transit everyday and it is awful.


On : 10/29/2004 6:37:50 PM cd (www) said:

Mark - you were a FELLOW. Special case.


On : 10/31/2004 11:48:14 AM Jared Gordon (www) said:

Why do people take a bus instead of voting absentee? This is something I have never understood. But then, after having voted a couple times in person but most of the time absentee, I am kind of surprised that almost everyone doesn't vote absentee in the states that allow it.


On : 10/31/2004 5:07:21 PM bethany (www) said:

This reminds me of a day of rapid response protesting outside the state GOP convention in California in February 2003. We were doing anti-recall stuff across from some sort of rally at the Capitol. I was sporting my CYD t-shirt and jeans. There were two interesting incidents:
1. Young Reeps throwing quarters at me because I was a "poor Domocrat."
2. Some middle aged female Reeps telling me to "get a job" and that maybe when I start paying taxes I'd understand why the Republicans are right."

Well, I've got a job - a pretty good one - and later that day, I went and bought my first brand new BMW. So much for stereotypes.


On : 10/31/2004 7:21:22 PM cd (www) said:

JG - you are too CA focused. CA's system is actually more "vote by mail" than absentee per se. In most states, "absentee" voting requires a more complicated form and a reason for needing the absentee ballot. Sure, you can just put down a reason, whatever, right? But some people take that oath part you sign seriously. And some states have really high standards.

And - in any case - why not take a bus to vote? Who cares. Makes as much sense as anything, and is more friendly to national security efforts since buses are much more efficient than a bus worth of individual cars. I care about national security, don't you? energy independence now!