Thursday, October 07, 2004

Scenes from a Meeting

.... So please, with just a few hours a week, you really can make a big difference in this election.

Where are all the yard signs?

Well, they just can't print them fast enough. That's why it's so important that while we're short on yard signs y'all help us make phone calls and knock on doors because there's no substitute for voter-to-voter contact.

So when are you getting the yard signs?

Well, I'm not sure, as soon as Charleston let's me know that they're -

We've got folks coming over from Ohio because they don't have any over there either.

Yes, I know, there's such a run on them. But you see if we [phone phone phone, walk, phone, phone, walk walk walk phone walk phone, save the world, John Kerry, great debate, phone phone, Dick Cheney lied, phone bank, oust Bush, phone walk phone].

Oh okay - well then I have a question. How can those polls be what they are when so many people want yard signs?

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