Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Philly's Big Day

Here's the Philadelphia Inquirer coverage of yesterday's rally. Sounds like it went pretty well . . . .

It's 7:14 EDT - I've been here for about 20 minutes. Last night I left at midnight. I'm thinking I'll need to start getting more sleep somewhere if I'm to be alive on election day. I tried to brush my hair with my perfume bottle this morning . . . . Taking a page from Bar takers, I'm moving myself into a downtown hotel on Sunday - at the latest.

Following up on one of my last audio posts, I thought I'd share more about the Fox News gal and her feeble attempts at talking her way out of getting caught. I learned about her presence when a regular volunteer began yelling in the back. I'm not sure how she figured out to whom she was speaking - but when she did . . . . So, in front of my stood a short woman who introduced herself as Jane Ro with Fox News. Googling didn't turn up much, so maybe I got the name wrong. Not local Fox, The Fox News. Fine, I have zero problem handling problematic Fox News employees. She gave me a wide-eyed, "what's that woman freaking out about" stare. She swore up and down that of course she wasn't putting anything on the record and she was just across the street at dinner and was curious.

Fine, I said. Can I call my press office for you, they'd be happy to come down. Do you have a cameraman who wants shots? No, she writes for the website. Ah, I thought, how lame. She repeated over and over that it was all off the record, she was just curious. Of course, every question she asked me was very on-the-record in manner and type. What we did there, what the plans for the next days event were, why on earth would Kerry come to Philly when it's clearly going to go his way anyway? Golly gee, I don't know. I hate people who feign stupid. She asked the volunteer, who was making a "Haitians for Kerry" sign, who wasn't visibly Haitian herself, why she was making such a sign. I'm sure she had purely off-the-record curiosity.

She seemed to take [fake] umbrage at the volunteer's verbal beating, but I mentioned to her that this perhaps wouldn't be the friendliest place for Fox Newsers. She seemed indignant at this too. I said not to feel bad because her ratings were excellent (which is actually the point in the conversation when she copped to the internet job). She said it wasn't about ratings, it was about respectability.

Of course. I can't imagine why a Democratic office would lack respect for Fox News . . . .

Other interesting press visits: a few days ago, a young teacher stopped in to help for a few hours making signs. Ten minutes later, a French radio journalist came in asking if there was anyone who wanted to be interviewed and whether, per chance, anyone spoke French. Turns out my teacher volunteer was a French teacher - she interviewed him for about 20 minutes. Pretty cool. It was just one of a million ways in which things you need around here seem to just fall out of the sky when you need them.

Except 6 hours of extra sleep time.

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cd said...

Philly's Big Day


On : 10/26/2004 1:41:28 PM Amanda Levy (www) said:

CD, I know you're tired and will be walking around like a half-zombie until next Wednesday, but you can't be THAT bad if you still take the time to get excited about H&M and Karl Lagerfield...which provies my point that you're the most well-rounded person I know since you appreciate both the transparancy of Condoleeza Rice's remarks, and the peekaboo cap sleeves on the new H&M Evening Wear line...you're AWESOME!!! Hang in there!!!!


On : 10/26/2004 1:57:35 PM cd (www) said:

i think my one 20-minute out of the office lunch break at H&M was it in the free time department. aside from the 3 minutes here and there that i check this site between checking email and looking up maps for people.